Bad water quality, its limited availability and consequently high costs are the reasons why nowadays industries choose different solutions easier to apply.
Air coolers are the most widespread solution and the cheapest one for not particularly warm areas.
This type of device does not have any hygienic and sanitary impact as the traditional cooling towers might have, because the secondary fluid (air or water) is in a completely sealed circuit and does not come into contact with the cooling air.
The experience that sets us apart in the water treatment and air cooling field allows us to produce cooling skids for the widest possible range of needs, particularly for systems installed in high temperature environments.
Our flexibility allows us to customize any product to specification and to provide pre-assembled skids which, even in cases of treatment with high heat values to be dissipated, do not lose the peculiarity of being a turnkey product and can easily be connected in series until reaching the required performance.
Production is carried out in accordance with API 661 and ISO 13706 standards.